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The Production

Danielle Dee Tv series  

10-13 episodes x 25 minutes each 

Target audience : family and 7-12 years old

Produced in CGI 4KGenre - Adventure Fantasy

Episode structure

There is one main story arc stretching over 10-13 episodes in which Dannielle shifts between the imaginary world and the real world.


In the imaginary world she goes on a journey together with her imaginary friend Tobi and their sidekick Narcissus. They go through hostile principalities in order to reach the kings mines in order to rescue her imprisoned dad. .


In the real world Danielle is asleep by her drawing of the gate. But whenever someone erases the drawing she is torn from the journey pulled back to reality and has to face more problems.

Second and third seasons 

In the second season the once defeated bad characters from the imaginary world seek revenge and invade the real world in order to take it over. Dannielle has to stop them.

In the third season we discover that there are other kids who have created imaginary worlds where the evil characters from Danielles imaginary world  find allies and with them build a terrible army to take over the universe. Dannielle needs to detect those kids join them and lead them to battle against that evil army.

Cross media 

Short spin offs of Dannielle giving drawing classes 
Danielles' best friend Toms funny diaries 
Danielles' foe Zoe’s fashion tips 

Materials Available 

Full scripts of episode one and two

5 minutes animatic test:

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